Nasi przodkowie Galowie. Kolonialne i postkolonialne wizje historii

Jarema Drozdowicz


Education undertaken in a colonial and post-colonial context is in Poland being perceived as marginal and exotic. Nevertheless it doesn’t change the fact, that the mechanisms shaping the educational praxis in countries with colonial past are an important factor infl uencing modern forms of teaching, especially when it comes to teaching history. In this case a significant gap is visible between the visions of history proposed by former colonial rulers and past subjects. Colonial and postcolonial education is therefore a phenomena, which ideological basis are related to the heart of the matter—i.e. culture in its all forms and shapes. History is becoming in this light a fi eld of clash of different ideologies and interpretation of historical facts and processes. This article emphasizes especially the language and educational praxis realized towards both sides of the conflict, also showing potential space for dialogue.

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