Kobiety, żołnierki Armii Krajowej w łagrach Workuty w latach 1944–1956

Paulina Burkiciak


Mass apprehensions of members of National Armies have been started from 1944 year by NKWD. Prisoners were subjected brutal interrogation, and next they were convict on death or stay in soviet labor camps. Many arrested women were just the same as men treated brutally by their executioners. One of the main camp in which Poles were send was camps near to Vorkuta city. Work in coal mines were main work in Vorkuta, extreme dangerous and heavy. From over 5700 polish prisoners of origins in years 1944–1956, women presented from that over 11%. Poles were sent for every heavy work, especially this who owned “katorżnicza” category. Among members of National Army has been made Particular attachment which was featured mutual assistance and taking care of each other. After Stalin’s death when in Vorkuta erupted riot woman didn’t participate on it, but they tried to support men, because they knew that this battle was played this time about future of all prisoners. Since 1954 was start the period of slow dismissing, but even then most of Poles couldn’t leave Vorkuta. In that period between Poles who were dismissed, establish a lot of friendship and love which were ended by marriage. In eye of polish prisoners, polish women have been remembered as full dignity „ girl ”, who have not been subjected unfeeling system of Gulag.

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