Podmiotowość zwierząt w rytuałach wczesnośredniowiecznych — próba reinterpretacji statusu zwierząt w kulturze przedchrześcijańskich Słowian

Joanna Wałkowska


The role of animals in the early medieval Slavic culture is formulated in the scientifc literature from the perspective of the modern, anthropocentric worldview, which draws neatly the boundary between human and non-human beings. However, in the light of the concepts related to eco-philosophy and the social-regulatory theory of culture, our kind of worldview is reasonably diferent from the thinking of the man of the pre-modern era. The latter concepts allow for the interpretation of early medieval rituals from the perspective of the equal status of the human and non- human beings. This status was refected, inter alia, in magical identifcation of a man with an animal.

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