Wybrane wątki biesiadne jako przyczynki do metaliteratury

Andrzej Muchowicz


The chosen convivial threats contributing to metaliterature are open metaphors.These metaphors make up a polyphonic, multi-voice metaliterature dialogue relatingliterary dialogues. The former remains uncompleted and shirks universalism as wellas the metaphysical heritage. It does not bear the transcendental character, but is ameta-discourse instead, creating a metaphoric tension based on (logical) principlesof contradiction and excluded middle. Both aforementioned principles are axiomsthat appear in the logic of culture. Albeit assuming those axioms, the logic of cultureremains open, as those axioms cannot be proved on the basis of formal logic. Still,in the logic of culture, the axioms assumed allow us to decipher the sematic ofmetaphors.

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