“The Blagoveshchensk Panic” of the Year 1900: the Version of the Authorities

Tatyana N. Sorokina


Tragic events in 1900 in Blegoveshensk suddenly became the subject of active internet and mass media discussions. The problem of historical responsibility and historical memory spontaneously appears, being discussed and what is more important being relived. Did it really happen? Who is to blame? Could our forefathers do this? If yes then why? How should we, their descendants react? Should we? Should we
remember and recall the terrible and shameful events? Should we take the skeletons out from the cupboards? It should be mentioned that this topic is of great interest in China. Won’t it be harmful for the interest of our country and for the presently
living generation to mention about these events? Are we responsible for everything that our forefathers did? If yes, then in what way? Can be a nation to blame? Are there bad nations? Should some nations be always historically guilty towards other nations? Should there be collective responsibility? Up to juridical consequences? Is it possible to understand and explain what had happened and behavior of those ones who took part directly or indirectly? What does it mean to learn a lesson? Is it a duty or personal reflection to confess?

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