Akademickie kariery kobiet w PRL-u. Historyczki — samodzielne pracownice nauki w nowopowstałych uniwersytetach

Jolanta Kolbuszewska


The purpose of this text is the presentation of scientific promotion of women- historians employed in People Republic of Poland (the period 1945–1989), in four, created immediately after the Second World War, universities. The author has made a quantitative compilation of female-historians who had achieved scientific independence and were associated with the Institutes of History of the University of Lodz, Torun, Wroclaw and Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. The article includes the development of their scientific careers, research interests, political views, and executable functions. The author raises the question of the determinants of scientific promotion, considers the issues of personnel policy and attitudes of the authorities to the world of science. A significant issue is whether the socialist state really contributed to women’s careers?

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