Kobiety niepokorne. Reformatorki — buntowniczki — rewolucjonistki, pod red. I. Desperak i I. Kuźmy, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź 2017, 197 ss.

Martyna Krogulec


In the article, the author discusses the most recent book redacted by Iza Desperak and Inga Kuźma entitled Kobiety niepokorne. Reformatorki — buntowniczki — rewolucjonistki. Herstorie [“Rebellious Women. Reformers — Rebels — Revolutionists. Herstories”]. This is the second publication in series “Faces of Feminism” published by the University of Lodz Publishing House in 2017. The publication is a continuation of the previous volume Wciąż pod prąd? Reformatorki — buntowniczki — rewolucjonistki [“Swimming upstream. Reformers — rebels — revolutionists”] (which opened this series). Both editions are summaries of the conference “Rebellious — the rebels — the revolutionists — the activists, the women who transformed the reality” which took place in May 2015 at the University of Lodz. This volume (just like the previous one) is devoted to women who, regardless of public opinion, could express their deep opposition to reality and take action to change the patriarchal culture. The publication is a part of women Herstories, showing how the perception of women’s fate and biographies has changed over the years. Articles presented in this publication illustrate and analyses how heroines made these changes possible and what it meant for them. In the book we can find stories about artists, sportsmen, researchers, business women, etc.

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