Rozwój diagnostyki laboratoryjnej w polskich ośrodkach akademickich do 1939 roku. Cz. II. Okres dwudziestolecia międzywojennego

Katarzyna Klimasz, Przemysław J. Tomasik


The article presents the development of Departments of Medical Chemistry in the academic centers in Poland in the interwar period. Three of them — Lviv, Krakow and Warsaw — had a long history, Poznań and Vilnius were new centers, established just after I WW. Also, the laboratories in hospital facilities were discussed, as well as the profile of laboratory tests. Clinical and hospital laboratories were supplemented by the laboratories of the National Institute of Hygiene, the Health Insurance Funds laboratories and private analytical laboratories. The availability of laboratory tests in large urban centers was good, the profile of performed determinations was successively increasing, and the number of tests performed was growing, despite the fact that laboratory markings were expensive.

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