Poznanie metafilozoficzne jako moment refleksji filozoficznej na gruncie ontologii fundamentalnej Martina Heideggera

Artur Nyczak


The article discusses the nature and significance of metaphilosophical knowledge on the ground of Heidegger’s fundamental ontology. The purpose of the article is to show metaphilosophical knowledge as an essential and immanent factor of philosophical reflection. The abovementioned goal is achieved by presenting connection, occurring within the fundamental ontology, between this knowledge and theoretical philosophical reflection, both in its descriptive (defining being of philosophy) and normative (indicating how philosophical reflection should be carried out) dimension. The descriptive dimension of the connection indicates a circular nature of the interactions between metaphilosophical and theoretical aspects of philosophy. The theoretical reflection on specific phenomena is, at the same time, a determination of being of the philosophy; whereas the metaphilosophical knowledge, arising from the theoretical reflection, determines character and direction of further considerations. Furthermore, the normative dimension implies that philosophical considerations should take into account this connection and deliberately practice it through systematic metaphilosophical reflection. As the source of the connection between metaphilosophical knowledge and theoretical reflection, the article indicates Heidegger’s concept of philosophy, according to which philosophy is a way of being of Dasein, consisting of ontological, conceptual interpretation of being of beings and reflecting the structures of Dasein’s existence and its pre-ontological understanding of being.

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