Hermeneutyczny i metodyczny aspekt egzystencjału bycia Sobą we wczesnej filozofii Martina Heideggera

Marcin Schulz


The purpose of this paper is an interpretation of the existential of being-a-Self, which includes the methodical remarks formulated during Heidegger’s early courses. The author highlights a “temporal” (“ecstatic”) character of this existential and its methodical meaning. In the paper, being-a-Self is defined as a dynamic movement of conscience, whose structure was presented in Being and Time. Taking into consideration original philosophy’s circular correlation of “method” and “object,” the author managed to indicate the hermeneutic foundation of crucial moments of phenomenological hermeneutics of facticity (hermeneutic situation, destruction, formal indication) on the structure of conscience and — finally — on the structure of temporality.

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