Poezja jako schronienie dla Bycia. Rozważanie nad wierszem Tadeusza Nowaka [Stoją gorzkie pagórki…]

Łukasz Kołoczek


The essay is a reading of Tadeusz Nowak’s poem beginning with the words: Stoją gorzkie pagórki in the spirit of Heidegger’s commentary on poetry. A particular attention was payed to the message (the message) of being that is protected in the poem and, therefore, may be disclosed in the commentary. By such a reading, the poem turns out to be called being of beings (e.g. in the word of “zieleń,” three consecutive meanings occur: that of „the green,” „greenery,” and „nature”) and the calling (the vocation) of a poet, which consists in exiting from the „zieleń” (being of beings) to the people among whom the poet lives.

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