Jednostka mentalna według Stanisławy Przybyszewskiej

Marta Krystyna Tylkowska


The Polish writer — Stanisława Przybyszewska (1901–1935) created an interesting theory of human nature. She wrote about it in her literary works and articles, but first of all, in her epistolography.
Przybyszewska divided people into two groups — first one, which was destined for personal life and the second one, which she called “the mental type.” According to Przybyszewska, the choice of the way of life depended on which type they were. The first group consisted of many kinds and subtypes and was definitely a majority, but the writer wasn’t interested in it. The second one — “mental type” was very important for her and she had described it in details.
Przybyszewska often compared two types, showing the superiority of “the mental type” (e.g. like poets and writers). She classified not only writers (including herself), but also scientist, eminent politicians and some of her own literary characters as the representatives of the mental type.
While reconstructing the writer’s concept of “the mental type” we should ask: How does the existence of a “mental human” and the existence of other, common, people, differ? Is Przybyszewska’s theory of mental human being the same as her theory of genius? What does a mental human aspire to? What are his goals? Is it possible to achieve those goals?

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