Uświadomienie straty jako element sensotwórczy (na podstawie wybranych świadectw literackich: Różewicz — Stasiuk — Wicha)

Małgorzata Krakowiak


This article deliberates the questions apparently excluding themselves. The first coincidence appears in its title: if the sense of life one can understand as fulfilling of individual abilities (Karol Tarnowski), than loss of anything from the potential available may create uncertainty, loss of sense rather than strengthening.
The second coincidence refers to the text selection, being a source of examples and analysis.
They are by turns: Matka odchodzi — Tadeusz Różewicz, Wschód — Andrzej Stasiuk and Rzeczy, których nie wyrzuciłem — Marcin Wicha. Every from these authors represents different generation and different formation. All works selected joins common problem — passing away, loss of the mother and necessity to prove himself against the world in such a loss.
The last coincidence — following Leszek Kołakowski — is in mythic sense of love (Myth presence) and oscillation between sacrum and profanum.
From the coincidences mentioned above one can conclude that in the individual, drastic situations is possible the renovation, strictly the reconstruction of sense. The way leading to the sense of this reconstruction is giving consideration to the own condition — in cases described loss consciousness.

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