Komunikacja komunikatów. Status rozmowy w szkole współczesnej

Dorota Kubicka


The purpose of this research is to identify modern school communication between students, teachers and parents. I emphasize the problem of abandoning the traditional direct communication and strengthening the role of new digital communication. New school communication is constituted by @-teacher’s diary which resembles the electronic mail. I call it exchange of messages.. I have discovered the correlation between increasing number of messages and worsening the quality of communication between teachers, parents and students. Contemporary school seems to lost its initial role as a place of meeting other human beings. Therefore I am trying to identify the healthy conditions of modern communication, which let us make the school again to be the place of exchange of information and thoughts as well. The theoretical knowledge of my paper have been based on philosophical works of Jürgen Habermas, Jean Baudrillard and Paulo Virilio.

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