Tradycjonalizm, sensy terminu i kręgi odniesienia

Jacek Bartyzel


The subject of the paper is the concept of traditionalism; its idea cherished by the devotees and the main designates in the: philosophical theological, religion and social political realms. In the sphere of politics, various or even contrary notions of traditionalism have been pointed out: that of a spontaneous and pre-reflection conservative stance, that of the constituent element of the conservative thought and that of the philosophy of politics (severed from the conservatism itself) and developed in two Romance countries: France and Spain. In both cases, traditionalism is specific because of understanding tradition as a depository of eternal principles, rooted in the Transcendence, and not as a selective historical heritage. In the case of the Spanish traditionalism, a complete political cosmo-vision is perceptible as well as its longevity stemming from its being connected with the medieval Thomist tradition and legitimist Carlism. The latter allows summoning the defenders of tradition under the banner of the legitimate heirs to the throne.

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