Prawo- i lewoskrętność jako bieguny stosunku do losu (przyczynek do koncepcji „nowoczesnego tradycjonalizmu”)

Paweł Okołowski


In 2009 professor B. Wolniewicz introduced on the grounds of philosophical anthropology an opposition between left-inclined and right-inclined persons (different from political division between the rights and the lefties). He defined left- inclination as the “disease to improve (reconstruct) the world contrary to human nature”. The population is divided into — in its genotype — the people who believe in such improvement and the ones who resist the same. On the grounds of this concept two questions are vital: (a) Why in the 20th century the left-inclined have dominated Western civilization? (b) Why the right-inclined who are still present have no strength to resist?

The answers t these questions are bases upon several theses:

1. Right- and left-inclinations (R — L) are in fact two innate forms of human relation to both death and lot.
2. Agitation of the soul by the lot constitutes a separate element of human will (besides interest, love to persons and the character).
3. Division of human race between R — L provides for evolution of social forms of religion thus offering flexible adaptation of our species.
4. Rapid deployment of technology results in a possibility to construct the total (omnipotent) state — and the forces heading towards this direction favor and attract the left-inclined.

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