Kilka uwag na temat tradycji i innowacji lingwistycznych w rosyjskich polemikach dotyczących kierunków imperialnej polityki językowej (XVIII–XIX wiek)

Bartosz Hordecki


The aim of this article is to sketch some linguistic traditions and innovations present within the Russian polemics regarding directions of the imperial language policy in the XVIII and XIX century. In the text, it is shown that Russian authorities of those times were often attempting to modify considerably language customs and practices of the large social groups inhabiting Russia. Activity in this field was exciting profound controversies — stimulating old and generating new animosities and conflicts, providing numerous denizens of Russia with feelings of alienation and marginalization. On this basis, a strongly polarized dispute concerning shapes and directions of the imperial language policy was being developed. Particularly important seemed to be the question about the proper proportions between “old” and “new” trends within managing the complex sphere of communicational relations in the multilingual Romanovs’ monarchy. The traditionalists, as well as the innovators, repeatedly attempted to propose and promote elaborated projects of the Russian language order (re)organization. Moreover, many times the issue was raised, how decisions influencing language relations in Russia can be converted into integration or disintegration of its socio-political institutions.

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