Wizja Polski Jagiellonów w twórczości Pawła Jasienicy

Andrzej Zakrzewski


Paweł Jasienica, the popular author of historical essays, changed — between the end of 1950s and mid 1960s — changed his opinion about the role of the Jagiellonian dynasty in Polish history. He judged that role negatively in books written in the beginning of that period (Polska Piastów [‘Poland of the Piast Dynasty’] and Polska Jagiellonów [‘Poland of Jagiellonian Dynasty’]). However, in the next volumes he softened his stance. He perceived also positive aspects of the Polish-Lithuanian union, especially in the cultural dimension. His judgement about Jagiellonian dynasty also became more positive. His views about that historical period evolved primarily due to new scholar works published in the mid-1960s and new thoughts of Jasienica himself. He probably took into account changes in cultural policies of Communist government. It made possible to draw a more positive picture of the Jagiellonian era.

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