Zła podmiotowość — posthumanistyczna korekta tradycji?

Aleksander Zbrzezny


The aim of the article is to present a hypothesis connected with the subject of the history. Beginning with the Foucault’s describe of natural history and born of humanistic sciences, the author shows a symptomatic moment in the philosophical tradition: a break between “natural” and “social” domains. The author shows the work of Herder as an example of this break; after Herder the theory of the nature and the theory of the history goes in their own ways, especially in Hegel’s thought. When we think about the subject of history, Hegel and Marx are still useful. But we shouldn’t forget, that traditional subjectivity is divided, and even oppressive. Posthumanistic correction will be needed, but it shouldn’t forget about many points of humanistic tradition — from Herder to Sartre — because many points of possible critique were already taken into consideration.

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