O Diatrybach Epikteta jako źródle inspiracji dla współczesnych poszukiwań tożsamościowych z perspektywy możliwości konstytuowania tożsamości w aktach antycypacji indyferencji

Piotr Orlik


Epictetus’ work, The Discourses was a source of inspiration for the reflections of, among others, William James, Hannah Arendt, Michel Foucault, and Charles Taylor. Contemporary philosophers find common grounds with the ancient Stoic in the exploration of the issues of self-identity search. The anticipation of indifference is an important element of the concept of making indifference present, developed by the author in his other works. The article is an analysis of The Discourses and contemporary reflections thereof from the perspective of a possible constitution of identity in the acts of anticipation of indifference.

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