Przekraczanie granic aksjologicznych. Przekłady literatury polskiej w Rumunii w latach 1945–2018

Zdzisław Gębołyś


Polish-Romanian literary contacts date back to the Middle Ages. Poland’s historical and political connections with Romanian principalities also resulted, especially after the invention of printing, in reaching for the literary output and learning it through printed translations of books. In the initial period, historical literature was mainly translated from Latin and Polish into Romanian. In Enlightenment in Romania, Polish literature was only translated and published. The works of Adam Mickiewicz and Henryk Sienkiewicz enjoyed exceptional popularity in the 19th century. However, the real flourishing of translation did not take place until after World War II.
The text discusses translations of Polish literature made in Romania in 1945-2018. On the basis of bibliographic material collected in Polish and Romanian bibliographies and catalogs, translations according to formal and publishing attribute have been characterized: authors, translators, places and chronology of publication, publishers. Characteristics have demonstrated an unflagging interest in Polish literature on the Romanian publishing and reading market, showed main trends, literary tastes and preferences, as well as gaps and unused opportunities.

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